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January 14, 2010: Candace Chauvin-Armstrong, Brooke Williams and Geri Frederick discuss the condition of Candace's son and an upcoming blood drive to benefit her son Jean Paul.

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Blood drive info: January 16th and 17th, 2010 for two year old Jean’-Paul Marceaux, son of Candace Armstrong and Floyd Marceaux.  Jean’ became critically ill from a viral infection on Sunday, December 27th.  He was transferred on January 2, 2010 from Tulane Medical Center to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock to be placed on ECMO (pediatric heart & lung machine). He will be receiving The Berlin heart (an artificial heart) until a donor heart is available. He has received, and will require numerous blood transfusions during this process. Your help is urgently needed.

Date:               Saturday & Sunday, January 16th and January 17th, 2010

Time:               9AM – 3PM

Location:          Inn of Iberia, 924 E. Admiral Doyle Drive, New Iberia (across from K-Mart)

To donate blood, please schedule an appointment by going to

Sponsor code: jeanpaul

If you do not have access to a computer please contact Brooke Williams at 337-321-0231 or 337-256-5055.

If you are unable to give blood at that time we hope that you will consider going to your local United Blood Services to donate blood to the Jean’-Paul Marceaux blood bank. The information you will need is the following:

Baby’s name: Jean’-Paul Marceaux

Date of Birth:   12/24/2007

Hospital:  Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas

 Additionally, a fund has been set up by Karlyne Hebert, the mothers aunt, through Chase Bank, account number 864474259, on behalf of Jean’-Paul to defray medical expenses.  

On behalf of family and friends of Jean’-Paul Marceaux, we thank you for your support and prayers.


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