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Medical Info:

(September 3, 2008) As of Wednesday, September 3, 2008, University Medical Center has opened the following services:

  •        Emergency Room

  •        62 Medical/Surgical beds

  •        8 ICU Beds

  •        10 NICU Beds

  •        All ancillary and support services

If all UMC patients who evacuated and staff who evacuated with them return either today or tomorrow, clinics and elective surgery will resume on Friday 9-5-2008.

LSU HCSD encourages the public, its employees and medical staff to stay tuned to local radio, television, and the LSU Health System website,, for information on changes to current plans and updates on the reopening of LSU HCSD facilities.

The LSU Health Care System Health Care Services Division is one of the largest public health care delivery systems in the country.  It has over 31,000 admissions, 180,000 patient days, 981,000 outpatient visits, and over 270,000 emergency department visits.  Each year 1100 residents and fellows from the LSU and Tulane Schools of Medicine and Ochsner Health System and 2,200 nurses and allied health students from many colleges and universities are trained in LSU facilities.

LSU is the largest single provider of uncompensated inpatient care in Louisiana.  LSU HCSD hospitals have an economic impact of over $1.4 billion in asset business activity, $568 million in personal earnings, and generate over 12,000 jobs.

Pharmacy open: University Medical Center in Lafayette: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information, contact Marvin McGraw, Director of Communications and Media Relations, LSU Health Care Services Division, 225.922.1424 or

DHH Addresses Urgent Patient Need for Dialysis Baton Rouge - Emergency hemodialsys patients who need urgent dialysis treatment today or evacuees from out-of-town seeking treatment in Baton Rouge can call (225) 387-1333 to schedule dialysis. If their phones are not working, individuals can receive dialysis treatment at FMC-Baton Rouge (Fresenius Medical Care) at 524 Colonial Dr., Baton Rouge, LA (by Woman's Hospital). Select Baton Rouge area dialysis units will also be open at noon on Tuesday. Please contact individual businesses for information on open facilities.

FMC Dialysis in New Iberia open to all patients. Call Mary Suire at 364-1185

Programs Available to Help Manage Stress

BATON ROUGE -- Over the next days and weeks, thousands of Louisiana citizens will be returning home to find downed trees, damaged homes, and power outages. Stress levels may be also rising for thousands of Louisiana citizens who evacuated to shelters. Worries about home damages and the well-being of family and friends can contribute to elevated stress levels.

The Department of Health and Hospitals is reminding individuals of programs available to help them cope during this time of recovery. Louisiana Spirit, the DHH-Office of Mental Health's crisis counseling and stress management program, offers these suggestions to manage the stress that many are facing:

  • Remember that rebuilding make take days or weeks

  • Make sure to get enough rest

  • Keep regular eating habits and drink adequate amounts of water

  • Keep things as normal as possible for children

  • Seek help when needed, especially from local authorities

  • Take care of family and friends

  • Listen to the local news for updates

"Stress levels are high right now as everyone wants to return home and begin the process of recovering and rebuilding from the impact of Gustav, but it's critical to remain calm and listen carefully to the authorities," said Anthony Speier, Ph.D., executive director for Louisiana Spirit. "It's also never easy to get home and find damage you didn't expect to see. It can bring on lots of emotions, including feelings of hopelessness and anxiety."

Jennifer Kopke, assistant secretary for the Office of Mental Health adds, "We know that over the next days and weeks, people will be very busy trying to clean up and rebuild. We encourage anyone who may be feeling stressed to call our Louisiana Spirit crisis counselors at (800) 273-8255. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are ready to listen and to give advice."

The stress of an overwhelming experience can also trigger a relapse in people who are in recovery from addictive disorders, such as drug and alcohol abuse. People who are facing such a struggle can contact the DHH-Office of Addictive Disorder's help line at (877) 664-2248.

For more information about Louisiana Spirit, a free counseling service formed in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, contact Pierre Washington at (225) 219-5031 or (225) 803-4592 or visit the Louisiana Spirit Web site at


KANE Request Line:
(337) 367-1240

KANE Business Line:
(337) 365-3434


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