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Thursdays at 10 A.M. During Teche Matters

Now in it's third year, Positively Iberia! is an on-going, weekly, multimedia campaign that helps boost our parish's profile and reputation, in a positive way, of course!


Every Thursday morning, co-host Marti Harrell brings in a new Positively Iberia! panel during the first guest segment of "Teche Matters." And the Positively Iberia! Facebook page announces upcoming featured guest panels and posts the video replay for a "peek behind the curtain" of our live radio program!


Positively Iberia! has introduced our parish to new doctors, new technologies and new businesses and along the way reminded everyone about the treasures that have always been right here in our backyard.  We talk to artists, authors, musicians, innovators and influencers. Positively Iberia! always looks for the silver lining that makes our part of the Teche region uniquely home, open for business and fun for visitors, too!...because... it's only getting better!


All features, panels and supporting social media are produced by the Greater Iberia Chamber of Commerce.

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